Other therapies

Sound bowl therapy

This treatment uses tools from the wonderful Tibetan culture to draw beautiful sounds from. Bowls are placed on various parts of the body or close to them, while the patient is in a relaxing position. Vibration of the sound has an actual physical effect on the body, and its spiritual impact also makes a great impression on patients. We use sound bowls to supplement various treatments, or to prevent disorders.



Central feature of most relaxation therapies is Shavasana in Indian yoga exercises. It is aimed at activating the patient’s parasympathetic nervous system, the vegetative nervous system, which is active even during our sleep, independent of our will, and relaxing the sympathetic nervous system, that which is responsible for stress. Such exercises protect our health and assist healing processes. Relaxation may be done alone or in a group.


Colon hydrotherapy

This is a special type of enema that thoroughly cleanses content of the large intestine. This therapy trains the mucus membrane, cleans pouches of the colon (haustra and diverticulum), and repairs the intestinal flora. Consultation and examination of the doctor is required beforehand. This treatment is not difficult, in fact it is considered easier and more hygienic than a common enema. Following the treatment, patients experience a very pure state, which cannot be compared to anything else.