About examinations

Before your arrival to our hotel, you will need to have a western doctor’s examination and an Ayurvedic one. Based on the two’s result will our doctor make a therapeutical plan for you, which ideally you will need to start on before your arrival. For successful results patients should normally stay longer in our hotel, than what they prefer to do. This is why the therapy needs to be extended before or after, or before and after the therapy. Therefore, the therapeutical program based on the examinations should be started by patients – at least the diet part – at home before the actual therapy, and be continued after it has finished.

Western medical examination together with certain complementary health assessment (reflexology, microscopic, thermal imaging)

An important starting point in understanding both the patient and the disease is to create a Western medical diagnosis and identify the possible endangerment according to Western medical perspective. We do not only conduct regular examinations of internal medicine for this, but complementary ones as well.

The doctor asks questions from the patient, does a physical examination, asks for a cardiogram, X-ray, CT and MR scan as necessary, and generally conducts some kind of complementary examination too.