About natural medicine

200 years ago when the active ingredient of willow bark (Salicis cortex) was first produced synthetically so that Kalmopyrin and other similar medicines could be used in treating people, pharmaceutical industry was born. In the meantime, pharmaceutical industry gained its inventions from byproducts of mineral oil, by which it completely changed the character of medical science close to nature until then. It dictates a philosophy of healing based on its own conception, and which is motivated almost exclusively by gaining profit, instead of humbleness towards healing processes. Today young doctors affected by the older doctor-teacher generation, step out of university with a perspective that healing actually depends on well-chosen, prescribed chemical drugs after instrumental diagnosis has been conducted. Young doctors are not provided with any other alternative view or mechanical technique.

In fact, apart from some valuable life-saving discoveries (ie.: pain killing, antibiotics, cortisol), this drug-based perspective is a dead end street to medicine. It makes one forget real diagnosis, the true pathology of diseases in connection with lifestyle and spiritual well-being, and the patient’s own responsibility in shaping his/her fate. It fosters a false idea that no matter what we do, everything can be fixed by drugs, and that diseases come down on humankind like misfortune, man has no responsibility in it at all.

Application of natural medicine does not only mean replacing chemical drugs by herbal ones. It is a completely different perspective. It means greater responsibility, equal relationship between patient and doctor, respecting inner processes and greater understanding on the significance of health problems.

Actually, chronic diseases can be treated with better results using natural medicine, and acute problems successfully prevented. Of course, modern medicine is an excellent opportunity for modern man who has detached himself from nature and his own original lifestyle, and who has created a state of life sometimes even endangering towards him. In such cases, natural healing may not be enough, application of chemical drugs may be required temporarily or sometimes permanently. So we also use them, but we are constantly searching for ways of how to abandon them and reawaken the patient’s own recovery processes.

Natural medicine includes physical therapies (massages, manual therapy, heat and cold therapy, water, earth, air therapy, treatments done with natural tools), use of herbs and other natural drugs, meditation techniques and physical exercises, as well as methods of providing the body with natural substances (ie: injections, infusions, use of instruments and other tools).

Very often there is an ancient tradition behind such natural therapies that go back even a thousand years. They explain interrelations in such a way that it can only be understood by thorough dealings of the doctor and the patient. It is the task of the current age to apply ancient knowledge in a modern way and show way for European medicine stuck in a dead end street to move towards the original and a more effective perspective.