Lose weight!

It is advised to get rid of overweight for many reasons: to recover from diseases more easily and to prevent them, to regain fitness and for esthetic reasons. Overweight is a result of unlimited wealth of modern man, improper eating habits and lack of physical exercise.  There is a psychological cause behind being overweight as well which is connected to our way of thinking, our outlook on life and priorities. Nowadays, it is also known that composition of our intestinal flora defines our body weight, and a certain type of flora is characterized by a certain body weight. With 33 years of medical experience, Dr. Tamasi says that ‘overweight causes problems, even if we have not experienced any sign of it so far”. If we consider that the world’s traditional medicines (ie.: Ayurveda) have gathered enormous amount of knowledge about body weight and how to regain the ability to regenerate, then it is obvious that any modern attempt to lose weight will be more successful if ancient Ayurvedic methods are involved.

It is essential to have a professional plan for losing weight, as there may be a number of underlying disorders, pathology of unknown state. Furthermore, a professional may be needed to restore the patient’s descending inspiration or to correct any deficiency on the way. A 1-1,5 year long plan may be required with intensive phases too to shape the consciousness and attitude of the patient, and for which a various amount of time spent in Dr. Tamasi’s Ayurvedic Center in Radhe Resort is recommended, to help regain inspiration.


When is “Lose weight!” program recommended?

  • if we are overweight, or have some extra kilos. This latter is undesirable too, as it also sets back the body, recovery and the ability to regenerate.
  • if we have lost hope that we will ever achieve our desired shape and weight, after many unsuccessful diets, or due to increase of weight after temporary results.
  • if we are not satisfied with the shape of our stomach
  • if we are inclined to frequent change in body weight
  • if we know what to do, but are not strong enough to carry it out



  • individual diet or liquid fast based on doctor’s prescription (preliminary)
  • laboratory tests (TSH, T3, T4, anti TPO, cortisol, fecal flora)
  • physical exercises in a group or individually (yoga therapy) (every day)
  • application of ear acupuncture
  • Ayurvedic treatments (Abhyanga/Udvartana, or some part of it (Pada hasta, Mukhabhyanga, Prsthabhyanga, Shirodara, Svedana, Navarakhizi, Elakhizi (one of these every day)
  • colon hydrotherapy, CIST (colon immunetherapy), and/or Bhasti (3 times)