Purvakarma and other Indian treatments

Shirodara (Pouring oil on the forehead)

Pouring oil on the forehead is a popular Ayurvedic treatment. It is suitable for treating psychotic disorders, stress, sleeping disorders, vegetative type of chronic headaches and high blood pressure, but often it is part of wellness treatments to help relax the body. We use an excellent quality Indian oil mix with herbal substances inside. Specifically in case of Pitta symptoms, oil is replaced by Takra, a yogurt solution in the treatment, which is suitable for a more effective therapy of Pitta type high blood pressure.


Yoga therapy

Yoga is a unique system of physical exercises within the Indian culture. No other system has as beneficent effects of strengthening and stretching joints, muscle tape, musculature and shaping metabolism, like yoga. Exercises can also be classified according to their therapeutic application, and our doctor prescribes a particular list of exercises based on the patient’s needs. Daily yoga classes are conducted by certified yoga teachers.


Pranayama and learning yoga breathing

Special part of yoga regulation is performing breathing exercises, which may not only assist in solving respiratory diseases, but all other ones as well. Breathing exercises are major supporters of the body’s energy flow and fitness. Therefore they are worth learning for everyone.


Netra tarpana (oil treatment of the eyes)

Ayurveda recommends Netra tarpana for most vision problems and any other weaknesses connected to the eyes. It may be performed upon doctor’s prescription. This treatment provides special nourishment to the mucous membrane, reduces fatigue of the eyes, and any spastic movement or dryness.



During this therapy the patient receives diet food, which will certainly be at least vegetarian prepared with Indian spices, and will be served after being offered, sanctified according to Hindu Vaishnava tradition. If needed due to a significant imbalance of the Doshas, a specific diet will be applied to correct them. Prior to certain treatments (ie.: Bhasti, Vamana, Viricena), we use a special light diet, a Panchakarma diet, but it may also be that in order to reduce Vata, we recommend a diet rich in oil or ghee. Use of oil internally may be needed (Sneha pana). A radical diet may be required as well, such as a liquid fast, Mayr diet, raw diet, vegan gluten-free diet, fruit diet or something else. Following Panchakarma treatments, a post-treatment diet (Pascat karma) or rebuilding diet (Samsajana karma) may be required. The dietary treatment is created with your compliance, since if you wish to relax and recharge during your stay in our hotel, and not necessarily get your body healed, then we would recommend a less radical and significantly tastier diet, allowing time for a more thorough detoxification during your next visit. Furthermore, the amount of time you are able to spend with, also affects which diet will be chosen.