Medical treatments

If necessary, the doctor may prescribe medication to complement the natural methods. Furthermore, patients may receive certain natural substances through injection or intravenous infusion, which enhances effectiveness of them. It may be needed to fix the joints manually, or to apply injections (neural therapy) or acupuncture.

Panchakarma treatments

Small bhasti (Matra bhasti)
Great bhasti (Niruha or asthapana bhasti)
Kati bhasti (oil treatment of the lumbar spine)
Nasya treatment (dropping herbal oil onto the nasal mucosa and pharynx)
Viricena (purgation)
Vamana (emesis)
Rakta moksana

Purvakarma and other Indian treatments

Shirodara (Pouring oil on the forehead)
Yoga therapy
Pranayama and learning yoga breathing
Netra tarpana (oil treatment of the eyes)

Heat therapies

Infrared sauna
Vespa sveda (whole body steam bath)

Other therapies

Sound bowl therapy
Colon hydrotherapy